Today we launched a redesigned web site for We incorporated ideas that customers had suggested, such as providing a better way to provide feedback and improve our mobile site. We have included those suggestions in our new website.

For example, our preferred feedback for hair salon service is through Google Review for ratings about our business. So now we have a website feature called HairMeOff Forum which provides a way for our website subscribers to publicly share ideas and stories with us and between other website members.

We also changed the design to 'dark mode' to make our web site easier to read. The navigation is close to the same with some new pages to highlight our services and we kept the same links so your bookmarks won't need to change.

Coming up .. we are looking at online shopping features. We hope to make those available shortly. Below is a snapshot of our home new home page.

We always like to hear your feedback, and now you do that publicly at HairMeOff Forum. We know you have a choice of literally thousands of Bangkok area hair salons. We know we have to provide the best hair services at the affordable prices that exceed your expectations.

Are you Ready for a New and Better You?

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